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Virtual Metrology Lab

Virtual Metrology LabTake full advantage of Creaform measurement solutions with the C-Link™ functionality. Connect up to 4 C-Tracks in a single network to create a virtual metrology lab to get an enhanced working volume with the accuracy benefits of photogrammetry. This dimensional inspection solution, designed for metrology lab applications, enables seamless probing and 3D scanning operations using the HandyPROBE Next™ portable CMM or the MetraSCAN 3D™ scanner, without having to move the C-Track™ optical tracker around the part to be inspected. Get total freedom of movement with a measure of up to 360° when linking multiple C-Tracks. This simplifies the set up and measurement process, therefore ensuring a more seamless contact and/or non-contact inspection process which translates into significant time-saving.

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  • Virtual metrology lab dedicated to on-site quality control and dimensional inspection
  • Greater, virtual measurement volume
  • Highly accurate measurements for parts of various shapes and complexity
­ Creaform Workstation

Extend the power of your inspection process

The Creaform Shop-Floor Workstation is designed to facilitate mobility across the shop floor and increase reliability by protecting your scanning and probing systems while still in operation or when stored (two stands with C-Tracks can fit in the workstation).

The Creaform C-Track Shop-Floor Stand, available as stand-alone or bundled with the workstation, increases the stability of the C-Track and facilitates mobility around the part while still in operation.


See our quality control technologies in action in our videos. Get the information you need in our brochures and learn more about the technology fundamentals behind our portable 3D measurement solutions in our white papers.