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ManufacturingLeading manufacturers, such as Bombardier Recreational Products, Black & Decker, Kimberly-Clark, Reebok and Kohler, use Creaform’s 3D measurement solutions to improve their quality control. In all types of production processes, reliable quality control inspections are key to avoiding rework, preventing recalls and ensuring user safety. 

Our technologies can support any type of quality control and inspection application, including:

  • Perform rapid first article inspections to eliminate possible defects and improve overall product quality
  • Verification if products comply with specific industry regulations and standards
  • Acceptance testing before client delivery
  • Inspection of tools and machines prior to production to ensure proper adjustments and alignment
  • Carry out benchmark testing to measure tolerance levels and comply with industry standards
  • Inspect any type of part, regardless of size, complexity and material type; our solutions can take measurements from metal, sheet metal, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, polymer and PVC
  • And much more!

For any type of quality control and inspection of parts and final products, Creaform’s solutions help to streamline and improve the accuracy of all your processes.
Bank on Creaform’s solutions for unmatched quality control of your manufacturing processes.