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EnergyOil, gas and power generation companies are under tremendous pressure to ensure 100% reliability of their infrastructure as well as improve their environmental and health & safety practices. This is no small feat when you factor in the sheer scope of ensuring quality control over entire infrastructures as well as the environment in which inspections and assessments take place. Here are just some of the typical challenges energy companies around the globe are faced with:

  • Maintaining optimal uptimes
  • Guaranteeing public safety
  • Ensuring 100% compliance with regulatory standards
  • Evaluating and mitigating the economic impact of digging and scheduling maintenance
  • Correctly identifying when maintenance is truly required.

Indeed, whether assessing damage or normal wear of pipelines, storage tanks, turbines and components, the entire inspection process is both lengthy, time consuming and very expensive.

For quick and accurate inspection of any type of infrastructure and in any type of environment, count on Creaform’s 3D measurement devices. You can quickly acquire and analyze all the data that you need, accurately, reliably and repeatedly. What’s more, your inspections can be performed virtually anywhere: tight spaces and difficult access to parts are no longer an issue, thanks to the portability and small sizes of all of Creaform’s solutions. Avoid the unnecessary maintenance work and focus your efforts on where it really matters!